Panama Releases Roadmap for eInvoice

June 26, 2018 Kaitlyn Smethurst

The Ministry of Finance announced on their Twitter account, a Roadmap for the implementation process of the new eInvoicing regime in Panama. The announcement illustrated that 69% of the implementation process has been completed to date, and that as of June 26, 2018 the tax administration system will start receiving, processing and validating electronic invoices from companies in the pilot program. At this time, the roadmap has only been made available on the Ministry's Twitter Account, which can be seen here. More details will be published by the Ministry of Finance as the pilot program continue to progress through August 2018. 

About the Author

Katie Smethurst is a Junior Regulatory Counsel at Sovos. Within Sovos’ Regulatory Counsel function, Katie focuses primarily on international and U.S. based indirect tax research and analysis. Katie is a member of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Bars, earned her B.A. from Roger Williams University and earned her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School.

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