Arizona Releases 2017 Form A1-WP, Payment of Arizona Income Tax Withheld

August 3, 2017 Tom Hospod

The Arizona Department of Revenue has released its 2017 version of Form A1-WP, Payment of Arizona Income Tax Withheld, which withholding agents should file to the Department along with each payment of withholding tax. Only employers who are required to make more than one Arizona withholding payment per calendar year, and who do not pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), should use this form.

Starting with the third quarter of 2017, employers whose Arizona withholding tax liability for the preceding taxable year was $20,000 or more must make withholding payments via EFT. Employers who pay by EFT are not required to submit this form.

Other than this notice, there are no changes to Form A1-WP.

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