California Releases Form 592-F and Instructions

August 16, 2018 Adam Rivera

California has released Form 592-F and its instructions. Form 592-F is used to by partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs) to report the total withholding for the year and to allocate income and related withholding to the foreign partners or members.

There are no changes to Form 592-F.

Changes to the Instructions to Form 592-F

  • New section on Form 592-B
    • The withholding agent must provide Form 592-B, to each partner or member which shows the total amount withheld and reported for the tax year. The withholding agent does not submit Form 592-B to the FTB
  • New instructions in Purpose section
    • Do not use Form 592-F if “no payment, distribution or withholding occurred”
  • Section on Amending Form 592-F has been updated
  • Backup withholding instructions changed slightly to remove “Attach the withholding statement that enables you to determine the specific payment to each recipient as required by the IRS” requirement

To view the 592-F Form and Instructions, please click the links below.

592-F Form

592-F Instructions

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