Arizona Releases 2017 Form A1-APR and Instructions

December 21, 2017 Nicolette Chasse

Arizona's Department of Revenue recently released the 2017 versions of Form A1-APR and the Instructions to Form A1-APR.  There are no changes to Form A1-APR.  The Instructions to A1-APR reminds filers that if Form A1-APR is filed electronically, use Form A1-T to transmit federal Form(s) W-2, Form(s) W-2c, Form W-2 G (with Arizona withholding), and Form(s) 1099-R (with Arizona Withholding).  Additionally, the Instructions establishes two circumstances in which amended files will be subject to late penalties:

  • When the taxpayer is under audit and submits amended tax returns; and
  • When the amended return was filed on demand or request of the DOR.

To view Form A1-APR, please follow this link.


To read the Instructions to Form A1-APR, please follow this link.

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Arizona Releases 2017 Form A1-R and Instructions

Arizona's DOR recently published the 2017 version of Form A1-R and the Instructions to A1-R.

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